Federal Trade Commission v. Strategic Student Solutions LLC, et al.,
United States District Court, Southern District of Florida
Case No. 17-CV-80619-WPD


Receivership Home Page

On Monday, May 15, 2017, the United States District Court for the Southern District of Florida (the “Federal Court”), entered a Temporary Restraining Order (“TRO”) which prohibits Strategic Student Solutions LLC, Strategic Credit Solutions LLC, Strategic Debt Solutions LLC, Strategic Doc Prep Solutions LLC, Student Relief Center LLC, and Credit Relief Center LLC (the “Corporate Defendants”), their owner officer Dave Green (together with the Corporate Defendants, the “Defendants”), and those employees, agents, and others acting in concert with them, from illegally misrepresenting their debt relief and credit repair services and from charging illegal advance fees.

On Wednesday, May 17, 2017, the TRO was served and effected upon the Defendants by the Federal Trade Commission (the “FTC”), who filed the lawsuit that led to entry of the TRO. Pursuant to the TRO, the court-appointed temporary receiver, Charles H. Lichtman, Esq., (the “Receiver”), shut down the Corporate Defendants and took control of their business operations and assets. Among other things, the TRO requires the Receiver to preserve all of the Corporate Defendants’ computer data, documents, or other records related to their business practices that are the subject of the TRO. The Receiver has also been charged with protecting the interests of the consumers by investigating matters related to the Defendants and potentially bringing lawsuits to recover money for the benefit of victimized consumers. This process is just getting underway, and we encourage all consumers to periodically check this website for information. If you feel that you have been treated improperly by any of the Defendants or related party, please contact the Receiver or his representatives. You can reach the Receiver at the dedicated e-mail address established for this matter: SRC@bergersingerman.com. The Receiver and his representatives will also receive voicemail messages left telephonically at (561) 893-8746.

The Receiver will update this website with relevant information, as developments warrant. Consumers are encouraged to periodically check this website for further information.